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About Us

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2023 marks our second iteration at running Vicetti. A new selection of t-shirts some of which celebrate the XRP community in addition to some old classics are a main feature of our new product range.  Other designs are based on a general theme of us being run by a cult and it’s us and them and it’s been happening for millennia and will continue to do so.  Except much like the matrix we’re merely shifting into a new simulation.

We intend to expand our range putting our artistic flare on other themes and events.

Our Brand

We strive to design striking and thought provoking artwork and produce it as clothing.  We focus on the type of subject matter which usually entails seeing through the smoke and mirrors, connecting dots and finding hidden treasures.  Many designs can be based on a single theme, greed and corruption is something we have focussed on, or each design may tell its own story, perhaps part of a bigger story too.

Our designs tell a story and our collections take you on a journey.  Enjoy the ride!


Worldwide Shipping

We ship anywhere in the world using trusted carriers


Premium Quality

All our products are extremely high quality


Order in Confidence

If there is anything wrong with your product, we will get another shipped out


Secure Payment

Payments are processed using our secure payment processor